Images of Nature’s Light


Thank you for visiting my little online gallery. On the following pages I would love to share with you some glorious moments of light, the beauty of our nature and life. Hope you can forget all worries and trouble of the day, let your imaginations and dreams begin to fly without boundaries.

All images are natural and not computer manipulated. Pictures were captured in RAW format and just converted into TIFF / JPG format. The only filters I use are UV, Neutral Density, and Polarizer. So you can experience the same special moments if you are at the right time at these locations (but you probably need to get up very early ;-).


Do you like these images? Would you like to share them with people you love? All images are available as Fine Art prints up to A0 poster size, on canvas, as postcards, calendars or other creative things... Please contact me for available sizes, pricing, payment and shipment options.

20% of all profit goes to charity projects, like child hospitals around the world, or to support National Park projects. Thank you very much!

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“Believe In Your Dreams and Follow Your Heart.” (ES)

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